Bring On The Tryptophan (SCIENCE!)

Well, here in the USA, it’s almost time for all of us to fight with our extended families, watch chubby men tackle each other, and stuff ourselves with carbohydrates. How is this different from any other day, you may ask? IT’S A HOLIDAY, DUH. Thanksgiving comes early this year, which is a good thing because … Continue reading

When It Rains, It Pours

It’s currently monsooning here in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, (big surprise), and about half the town I;m in is about a foot deep already. (Cool story bro, said the East Coast.) Anyway, wherever you are on this stormy day, here’s a pretty picture for ya. Everyone likes pretty pictures. Don’t deny it, because that would … Continue reading

A Sticky Situation

As you enter your teens, you may start to notice many changes. Your body changes, you may begin to grow facial hair, and you may start to feel differently about the opposite sex. One of the biggest changes you will experience is learning to drive. Hopefully you have parents to help you through this difficult … Continue reading

Magpie Syndrome

Hey everyone! Hope your day is going well. Firstly, I’d like to say that if you or someone you know was affected by the recent hurricane, the Northwest is praying for you, and our best wishes for a speedy recovery. Also, if you would like to know how to help hurricane Sandy’s victims, visit … Continue reading

The Good Old (TERRIFYING) Days

Hey y’all! For those of you who live under rocks, (no judgement), it’s HALLOWEEN IN 2 DAYS! I’m excited, can you tell? It’s the first Halloween where I haven’t had to work in about three years. (You’d think I was 40 years old. Nope. Just driven..) I’m going a sugar skull girl, complete with huge … Continue reading

On The Market For A New Headsuit

Hey y’all. It’s Monday!! (At least here it is) I know you need reminding. As many of you who read this blog regularly probably know, I have fought a life-long battle with my hair. It’s that I have BAD hair, but it’s…stubborn. Very stubborn. It’s been short, long, highlighted, permed, straightened, layered, razored, streaked, extended, … Continue reading

Coat Check

Afternoon, ladies and gents. Hope you’re all surviving the work (or school) week! I’m up to my jewel-studded earlobes in Supreme Court casebriefs, essays, and articles. (Just kidding, I can’t afford jewels to stud anything. I can afford stick-on ones from the craft store. The rest is true, though.) It’s finally starting to get cooler … Continue reading

Just Because

Hey y’all, it’s Wednesday and I’m depressed. Well, not depressed, but maybe a little down. Why? Because I have 500,000,000,000 (phew, finger cramp from hitting the zero key) lbs of homework PILED ON ALL AT THE SAME TIME. This is the 15 credits from hell. I don’t even. In the hope that your midweek is … Continue reading